1/Made of natural wood, the stand is sturdy and stable, firm and environmentally friendly. Polished perch surface smooth, will not hurt birds’ feet.
2/Installed with washers and screws, easy to place on the birdcage.
3/The bird toy is great fun and provides mental and physical stimulation for your bird. The bird toy also offers plenty of perching areas and a ladder for additional exercise opportunities.
4/ Suitable for small and medium birds such as parrot, parakeet, parakeets, cockatiel, lovebirds, finches, conure, etc.

Material: Wood
Color: as pictures shown
Perch: 26cm x 2.5cm(10.24inx0.98in)
Scale length: 23cm (9.06 inch)
Scale width: 8cm (3.15 inches)

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