Bird standing rods are comfortable for your bird’s feet and nibbling will help keep their beaks exhausted. They are easy to install. The perfect playground for your little bird, adventuring and wanting to explore.

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-Color: as shown
– Material: wood, plastic, iron
-Size: 11.50×11.50×10.50cm/4.52×4.52×4.13in
-Located for parrots, lovebirds and other birds, put it in your pet birdcage or the desk, add a decorative accessory.
-This toy made of natural material and durable for long term use.
-As birds have a crushing claw, this secure and durable rack toy may well satisfy.
– This toy can keep your parrots busy playing, destroying less and enjoying more fun.
-It an awesome gift and your friends and family who owns Pet Bird.

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