This great bird ladder is particularly popular with parakeets that naturally like to climb.
Of course, the plastic or wooden ladder is also suitable for other small birds such as finches or canaries.

The plastic ladder has 8, 6 or 5 rungs and is 23-24 cm, 18 or 15.5 cm long including the bracket. The rungs are approximately 5mm x 3mm in diameter and 6cm wide.
The corrugated surface gives the bird a particularly good grip when climbing.
The ladder is suitable for perches up to 10 mm. You can thus connect the perch to the floor or several perches in the cage.
That makes e.g. B. when the bird is moulting or otherwise unable to fly.

The wooden ladders have from 4 to 8 rungs and are 18 to 34 cm long and 7 cm wide. The rungs are approx. Ø 5 mm and 5.5 cm wide.
Small wooden ladder has 3 rungs incl. bracket approx.
or 3 rungs incl. bracket approx. 15 cm, and a total of 7 cm wide

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