The Hamster Hammock is made of natural coconut shell and metal, providing your hamster with a safe, durable and non-toxic environment and a comfortable sleeping room.
Hamster bed available four seasons. Bring along a plush rug to keep your pet warm in the winter, remove the rug in the summer, and give the hamster a cool nest.
The coconut size is about 12cm(4.72in) in diameter. Suitable for small pets such as hamsters, golden bears, sugar gliders, guinea pigs.
We offer 2 options. One is coconut shell hammock nest only, the other is hammock plus 1 plush cushion.
Material: coconut shell, metal
Style: nest/nest+cushion
Size: Nest diameter Approx.12cm/4.72in, total height Approx.23cm/9.06in
Nest + Cushion-Approx.255g

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